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Arya Pardis advertising collection

Aria Pardis advertising group started its activity in 2012 with the group of Sanat Gostar Tavana Technical Engineering Company and Payamgostar advertising center, and after six years of continuous activity in the field of industry and advertising, with a valuable support of credibility and experience, in order to improve organizational performance and Focusing on advertising services was the foundation stone of Aria Pardis advertising company in 2008.

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Graphic designer and manager

The extraordinary importance of visual communication in marketing and advertising has made it undeniable the need to use the original ideas and artistic and technical capabilities of graphic designers and printing specialists.

Environmental advertising of pedestrian signs

Nowadays, it is very difficult to imagine a modern city without highways and highways where big advertising billboards stand out everywhere.

Design, implementation of pedestrian bridge structure

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Construction and execution of all kinds of structures

Billboards are one of the basic tools in urban and suburban advertising. Many organizations and companies use them to introduce their products and services in cities and roads around the world.

Part of the company’s projects

Communication with the sales unit

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Architecture in spatial structures

Advantages of architecture in spatial structures:
The simplicity and unique beauty of space work structures in architecture, the regular shape of space structures or space work structures are architecturally attractive, beautiful and valuable, and this is why many architects in halls, community centers and…

Advantages of our structures

High speed in the production and implementation of structures due to the possibility of maximum use of the prefabrication and massing system, structural components in the production of spatial structures, and also due to the possibility of using multiple methods in the time of construction and installation